Varona Productions specializes in new media content, films and music videos. Our digital company provides a vast roster of professional crew members with experience in traditional media and transmedia. Our resources and expertise matches your project with the best team possible to fit your budget, create a collaborative environment and most importantly elevate your brand.

Varona Productions is also a production resource for filmmakers, production companies and studios in the US and around the world. We provide referrals for vetted crew and vendors for a competitive fee. Please email us for more information.

Founder Sandra Varona has acquired over 10 years of production experience as producer/UPM, most recently in the Multi-Channel Network circuit. She has worked for some of the most recognized MCN's, including but not limited to, Maker Studios/Disney and POPSUGAR. Over the years, Varona has produced several projects for high profile Youtube talent and continues to connect films and brands with emerging talent and influencers.